Wouldn't that be something? Perhaps Lenic is crazy like a fox? "No news" "Let the share price tank" Perhaps it's all part of his diabolical plan?

Note: I used to own shares and have posted on this board many times[romara and Matt know this]. My old stockhouse account was suspended because I inferred that another user liked to perform sekchual funtimes with donkeys. Apparently, the stockhouse moderators weren't keen on that type of behaviour so I now I toe the line to a tee.


What if that shrewd bugger, Lenic, is stockpiling cash for a future share buy-back? As of the last numbers, AUN had $10mil in free cash. What will the amount of be by the end of April... May... June after setting aside a contingency fund? Gonna pull a number out of my nether-regions.... Let's say $30mil.

Future HYPOTHETICAL AUN price = $0.70   Don't panic, I'm not saying the SP will dip to these levels. Just bear with me.

~40 million shares.

Forget June. What if the hypothetical share buyback were to happen after the summer doldrums? But I digress...

If I were a shareholder again, I would be ecstatic if such a move were to occur. The biggest reason for AUN's SP woes right now, aside from risk asset aversion, is the bloated corpse-in-sewage-water share structure. Shaving off 8-10% would, by no small measure, improve the view that investors have of this company. IMHO, better than a dividend.

The Shat [perhaps slightly oxidized]

P.S. - and guys, I'm only trying to encourage some discussion here. Perhaps try and change the negative sentiment to something more constructive. This really is one of the better boards on Stockhouse.