Lenic's leadership.........of course I am a new shareholder.   The charts are not worth much but I would not be shocked by a dump here over the next 30 to 60 days.   Painful but we still have all those workers doing their thing at both mines as we worry, plus the company has no need to borrow. A dump would not in any way upset the 10 year monthly chart of the PM bull.  If it happens, it happens.  Nobody is margined on this one anyway.  

One thing I am betting my future on, however, is that in 18 months the stock's chart is much much higher.   

Compare the Aurcana chart over the past 2 years to any other PM stock in the world.   Not many better, and none will be better WHEN silver heats up,............. not if, when silver heats up.  If china and India grab all the gold, the americans will bid silver up to the sky, but the chinese are going to go ape over silver, and they are starting to.  Poor man's gold.  

Silver miners performed like internet stocks in the mid to late 1930s.  This will happen again.

The last 18 months have been a long consolidation in the PM market, so little of this should go against Lenic.  The guy has misrepresented as everybody agrees, but we have two terrific mines now going forward, an excellent and still developing labor force.   LN looks like it could end up with far over 300 million ounces of equivalent, and when silver goes ballistic, and it will, LN alone will be worth multiples more than the current market cap of the stock.   And Shafter will be the sexy mine of the two.   

 We will separate from the pack of juniors, like the others who have made the cut, once the metals start to heat up and then rocket over the back end of 2013.   We have the greatest leveraged silver miner, in a metal that has the most leverage of basically any commodity in the coming paradigm shift.  PARADIGM SHIFT.  

Everybody who owns miners is crucifying their current leadership.  fact.

Here is yet another guy who is right on the issues.   He will win on his bet, the current ponzi will and MUST collapse.  Math 101, History 101.   John Q. Public will ultimately lose all his money, as he usually does, and has done, for the last 200 or 2000 years.   but you guys know all of this.


happy to waive the pom poms, hang tough.  making a million or two is not easy, but buy here, do not sell.  last opp.