Just sharing that Otto of IKN updated his buy for AUN in his investment letter (out last night).

He expects AUN will deliver much stonger performance this year.  Lots of expense outlays last year (upgrading equipment etc) is now behind us. Those changes will show much improved output and lower production costs going forward.

Keep in mind lads, the big advantages for companies like AUNare: Zero permitting risks and miner friendly locations... and being in production! 

While many junior exploration mining companies fall off the charts because of the heavy lift to even get to production (now estimated to take 15 years AFTER a decent discovery).

Hang in there lads... these types of companies will be the go to choices once $33 silver is behind us and we head much higher. That's when those ounces will make AUN exceptionally profitable AND in demand for investors seeking a company already in production with robust positive cash flow.

I've been investing in juniors for over 30 years.  Juniors already in production are now the most appealing they've been during that time.