This works for me and there may be other procedures that work as well.

1. When you're ready to post the web address (after highlighting and copying), click on post and look for the "blue world" link in the 2nd line of formatting icons (7th icon from the left side):


2. A box will pop up for you to post the URL into:



3. Paste the URL into the rectangular box.  (This is the critical part) While your cursor is still in the box (it will now be on the far right side of the URL you pasted into the box), hit your left arrow key to move the cursor to the far left side of the box and the Stockhouse program will automatically remove the unnecessary parts of the URL string so that it works.


4. Click on OK and it should work.  I haven't tried copying and pasting only part of the URL into the rectangular box.


I hope these directions are understandable.