Goldpet, one last thought as you raise a very good question and something on the mind of so many interest in PM and the miners.   Remember the expression, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.   I bet as the bond collapse unfolds, the slow motion ponzi unfolds, people will, in fits and starts, refuse to believe in the farce.  Not all at once, because the central bankers and the established powers will never give up their power without a fight.   In any event, at some point, people will move in earnst to metals, in the face of umpteeth trillions of paper monies cutting the national currencies in half.   Look at the 30s for instance, where metals and the miners got crushed every bit as other assets during the first 3 years of the depression, but then, the miners surged over the next 4/5 years.  People learned.  They were not going to be fooled again.  That of course, was a radically different country, the U.S. was a Republic, albeit a flawed one but still moral in most ways.   Men as different as Aristotle and Montesque tell us that all states go through a transformation, an evolution, from start to finish, as both are quite clear about this, and then, over the generation, the cycle basically repeats.   Last century in the U.S. is longer gone than a Babe Ruth Home run.  I also believe the men who wrote our constitution would all immediately stroke out if they somehow came back to life to see what the current rulers are doing with the rules they laid down.  In any event, the math is the math,t least this is what everybody I respect points out.   I have played ponzi schemes, and they can go on far longer than anybody could rationally predict. Ridiculously longer than they have any right to, but it all depends on the structural confidence in the Ponzi.  How solid do the participants feel the ponzi is?    The only reason this one hasn't ended earlier is how stupid the public in western civilization is.  More pain, and then, finally, the respective teams, the rulers and the ruled, will come out of the tunnel.  We should all have great 50 yard seats as we get to watch it unfold first in southern europe and japan.