I would argue that 99% of the world is bereft of human beings, and real estate is the most available thing in the world, except for sea water.  Real estate is a huge edifice, propped up way high in the financial air by banks and their salesmen and by companies and by people in hoch to the banks.  Real estate will probably stay flat against an inflation rate that will be moving from 8.9 percent up to 20 percent over the rest of this decade.  And if real estate "appreciates" by 5% a year, which it will not most certainly, you are still gonna get crushed against real inflation, which will be accelerating mightily.  I remember all the blue collars guys several years ago, at the real bubble peak in the U.S. spouting out like lemmings, "well, they ain't making any more of it."   I also remember in 2000 those same blue collar guys opening up stock accounts to get in on the internet craze.   Unfortunate, but john q public always gets crushed.   Canadian real estate should start suffering a long long long deflation in real terms.   Remember too: if the government can see it, it is gonna tax it.  So too with gold and silver companies, but my speculation is that we will have a window at some point, where they experience a mania, at some point this decade.  I will then cash out will my ill gotton gains, go to physical and hide in south america.  Equador.   ta da!