I think all of those guys have some skin in the game. Some less than others. I know people like Peter Schiff has opened his own company to start selling physical PM's in the last  year or so. Pento used to work for him now apparantly he's doing his own thing.

Here's the question to be answered in my mind and all opinions are welcome on it.  I'm wondering that depending on what type of train-wreck happens, how will PM's react?  We know in the last train-wreck of 2008-09 that the PM's/PM miners cratered along with the stock market.  I think we can all agree that was a deflationary event  and PM's don't react well to deflation. IMO we are either going to have to see some sort of rapid increase in inflation that will rocket PM's higher or another event that has investors fleeing every other investment asset into PM's. What that event would be is the 64K question. Maybe fiat money printing will reach critical mass and whole thing just collapses?

In any case there will have to be a much different scenerio that plays out for the next train-wreck, than what happened in the 2008-09 one for PM's to gain as all the pundits say they will.