I am in agreement with Freddyman and Baer here and if we listened to the short but informative interview that Gecko delivered with Lenic I think we can put some things together.

LN may prove up to be a half a billion oz.+. There should be 250 million oz 43-101'd this H1 ,with the historical Penoles production and the fact that LN may only be drilled half way to it's possible potential depth.The source has never been located and AUN has consolidated the surrouding lands so add that into the equation.

Couple that with what Lenic said to Anders in HK-a decision will be made to expand LN with another production facility.

If AUN fully embrace this route-full expansion and exploration at Shafter and LN -I will be very happy.

No more punitive Lenic dilution and the existing projects will allow AUN to become an ELITE SILVER PRODUCER.

Prior AUN M,D and A's suggested a potential JV partnership could be formed.

If AUN acquires the Red Hills/Tosca property I think it is strategic in that AUN consolidates the land into one district.MeGaw may have suggested that this is necessary and if one looks at large CRD's it is not unrealistic to imagine that the land package that Tosca controlled may be very strategic for AUN going forward.

The moly/copper deposit can be farmed back out to a third party or AUN can develop it under the new AUN leadership from Tosca .AUN can then control the district land position and sell the drilled out/proven deposit for maximum dollars to a  third party.

To me it is all about securing the district that Poindexter does not own and not allowing Poindexter interests to acquire Red Hills.

I believe Lenic may have tried to do this and looks to have succeeded.This may have been a power play that went on behind the scenes that has just showed  it is reaching a conclusion..

If AUN concentrates on LN and Shafter ,acquires Red Hills for little to no dilution and silver rises in the next few years like we thought it would we will all do very well going forward.