Guys! Take a step back and think for a minute. If you believe that the price of silver is rigged than what is happening makes sense. You can read back my posts on aurcana about silver. But basically I believe that less and less people are willing to play the long side in the paper market so whoever is doing this is playing the market by themselves infusing hope as the price raises a bit hen smashing it right back down. On the physical side the story is different as you have all read recently. how in the world can you see sellouts  and the price  goes down. If this is not enough to convince you that the paper game is rigged than I don't know what else will convince you. Basic economy of supply and demand. The will keep bombing or playing yoyo with the price until they can't deliver. Nothing will change until then. This Is my opinion. Seems to hold the road lately. They are shaking as many out as possible. Works on some of you obviously. Sentiment is extremely negative last few days. Less than a week ago everyone was ready for the rocket to take off. This is just noise. Physical silver is the answer to the shares going to fair value one day. Hopefully you kept some ammo on the sidelines and are able to take advantage of it. Please remember the fundamentals. Options expired today on the futures lets see what tomorrow brings.