"targets as well as the potential need for additional equity financing, we believe the company would trade at discounted multiples to its peers"


Here is a discussion about extra drilling and acquisition, its laughable, what a big nonsense coming from some posters.  They are just changing their user I.D.  On the next meeting with Lenic, people should press him to the wall to demand what is really going on.  Short of cash it's obvious, we are still in a sink hole and need about one year to stand on solid footing.   Drilling at La Negra is complete nonsense with current financial position, they should stop it.  Only Shafter should expand.  We are not looking for silver for our grandchildren.  If anyone will come with that nonsense of extra drilling,  I will put those posters on ignore, it's complete waste of money in current situation.  Only if someone will acquire them, that's when they will get their money back.  Otherwise it's waist of money, everything above 10 - 15 years.