I am supposed to be pretty good at what i do here on the east coast of the U.S..  i am a trial lawyer, mostly criminal but have an invisible line of people down the street and elsewhere, from all over my state and others who want me to represent them in their time of crisis so i feel very fortunate.   My X roomie was a pro quarterback, and destroyed himself long after I transferred to another college, a little Ivy, but as to investing, my last 4 years I have done nothing but lose $$$.  A big loser, and i know i am not a big loser.  i feel like daredevil, big deal by day but an utter loser the last 4 years in the market,.....so maybe i am.  this is why i am relying on smarter people than me like Mad Matt and the many others who it is clear to me know the mining metrics on this board to tell me what to do and they are doing so and they make sense to me, especially the guy with the cool website who specializes in aurcana, plus i really like this Lenic N, a no BS guy.  I cannot imagine with this assembled firepower and the power of silver we all do not do very very well.  hope i am not an immodest jinx