yes, quite.  a lousy 130 grand.  is this stonecap money or chris doulos money or a client's money, that chris turned the client on to, but now must sell due to a vairety of factos: a bad investor, no patience, a divorce proceeding, a job loss or business loss, another perceived opportunity, child support or back taxes or  or or .............could care less.

I am a little PO'd about Lenic high salary.  so far though, so good.  I have already made my decision about this guys character and he has a lot of it.  The ancient Greeks believed that fate is character.  Shakespear's tragic universe was different.  A different view entirely and diferent rules, but both express something that is coming and ushering out comedy, the sense of things making sense and of goodness, that which is being drowned out to the bottom of the sea, to be seen no more, perhaps for a millenium.   Do you remember King Lear?

As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
They kill us for their sport.

This is Shakespeare.   It is the tragedy that approaches for the coming millenium perhaps, maybe only this century, maybe but i would not count on it.

They were, the ancient Greeks, the world's most brilliant race of people, rivaled only by the the United States from 1700 to 2000, a great and now dying race, an evaporating race, demographically and in every other way.  The bus is waaay over the cliff.  Some say, why work when you can vote? but the problem is this and also much larger, structural.  

  If you know stocks, you know then that they go higher, they usually do on a gradual stair step ladder, for the most part, but when they come down, it is often more like firemen down that little pole in route to a little fire.

  So it is with civililaztions.  America is so done, the numbers are so clear, as the math is the math, and the good canadians will get pulled into the whirlpool.


but yes, unless you have specific info, who cares.  420 million dollar market cap.  130k is less than statistically signifcant.  but an honest question.