Further to TechOne's comments:

I too was present at the conference and attended Aurcana’s presentation.

The conference was designed to limit all corporate presentations to 10 mins. (At a $1,000.00 each to present, it is better economics for the conference organizers to pack as many presentations as possible...). Due to the very compressed time limitation, there was no time for any question from the floor.

It was nearly impossible for any of the presenters to tell their full stories within that short of a time.

Lenic presented himself and did a very good job summarizing the highlights of the company.

He presented from the most pertinent slides of the latest corporate presentation found on the company’s website.

Here are a few quotes taken (verbatim) as he spoke:

“We are the next major silver producer”

“La Negra mine, which has proven to be one of the largest carbonate deposits in the world”

“Aurcana has the highest growth profile in the industry”

“We expect La Negra to produce about 3.5 million ounces silver equivalent this year and Shafter to produce about another 2 million”

“At La Negra we have been very fortunate to find a multiple of resources that we thought were not there. And those resources keep on growing at La Negra, not only the resources but also the grades.”

“We’re hoping that these resources will be shown in the near future since we are increasing our grades, increasing our production and of course increasing our profitability and our cash flow”

 “We expect to be milling (LN) at a rate of about 3000tpd by April”

“The resources we gave at La Negra a few months ago are really massive. We went from 4.9 millions oz of silver 115 million oz, these numbers surpass some of the combined mines of some senior silver producers, and that tells you what kink of mine that is and on top of that, we have Lead, Zinc and Copper, all together it gives us over 200 million oz of silver Eq.”

“The resource estimate was done on the North East trend. We are going to be releasing some very significant new continuing resources on the North West and North East trends; not including the 43-101 released a few months ago. It will show that mine keeps growing and we have a mine for many decades from now.”

During the last 2-3 minutes of his presentation, Lenic spoke about Shafter, but somehow his voice became quite muffled (sound system?) and unfortunately, I was unable to understand most of his comments.

I subsequently attended the company’s booth and asked several questions... However, as we all know, companies are not allowed to disclose any information that has not been released publicly. Therefore, I did not learn much than what is already known here.

That said, I did gather that “Aurcana Silver Coins & Bars” should become available for purchase (directly from the company via their website), within the next two – three months!

As expected from the nature of this conference, the various workshop speakers I heard, all seem to agree that gold and silver are under valued and due to rise substantially this year... Cross fingers!