Right-oh saumo! This company and its projects are a no-brainer. There is much made here of the lack of confidence in management because of their lousy PR. However true that may be, the real drag is the share count, meaning massive liquidity, which gives the traders and scammers (HFTs) too much to play with. This too is water under the bridge, and there is much crying over spilled milk. Do I wish MGMT cared a bit more about us shareholders? You bet. Aint gonna happen folks. It is what it is, and the fact is that these yerks are delivering on production increases, good metal, and good margins. Eventually, as other posters have pointed out, the SP will catch up and the share count as is will be acceptable based on production. at the end of this year, we longs will all make good money. A physical silver option dividend would do a lot to shut down shorts, and be welcome to shareholders, but is likely at least a year away from being feasible. At that time, we shareholders should start demanding that one be instituted. Not so big as to cripple expansion, but a modest 2% of net income? What say you all?