Thanks Matt, for helping to fill in the missing pieces that were in the company's latest news release. It's clear that things continue to be on track, so there's no need at all for any major concerns.

Having said that, I agree with others that IR [while they may have improved] needs to be more transparent and complete in their updates. Too often in the past, we've seen the company try to give only a positive spin to things when we all know that there are issues, and this not only creates unnecessary anxiety and confusion but also undermines management's credibility.

I also agree that Lenic, for all his shortcomings, has a strong sense of urgency and is pushing hard to make things happen [as evidenced by his recent decision to replace the GM at the Shafter mine]. He is clearly results driven, and as shareholders this is what I think we all want to see.

Finally, my personal take is that the company may now be starting to back off on their stated timelines for Shafter not because things are not going well, but in order to avoid "overpromising and underdelivering' as they did last year.

As noted in the Gecko update on Shafter, "we can mention that 1,000 tons in one day were mined recently (not processed) at a grade of 8 oz/t, so improvements are ongoing". This says to me that things may very well ramp up faster in the first few months of this year than are now being officially stated in the most recent news release.

Here's hoping that I'm right!