I like Matt's reading in between the lines as to explain the Q4 numbers. It makes alot of sense. Glad to get a confimation from IR that this is just a hiccup once again. I think we also have a complete picture of LR's personality now. He likes to rush things and make it happen "yesterday". The overpromising goes often hand in hand with such a persona it seems I guess what far outweighs this fact, for me, is LR's abillity to gather the right people around him and set some very ambitious goals and make something great out of it in the end, albeit he must think he is always running late with things, poor guy. Another major thing to keep in mind is that this guy, local to Mexico, is worth alot for all AUN shareholders. I'd like to see how fast this guy will take care of a strike happening at La Negra. I think we would count hours rather than days - but I don't think that would happen. I really want to give him a chance and see what he can achieve with AUN the next 5 years. My bet is that he is the man who can create something out of nothing in this bull run, and so far it seems like that is what he is doing. No I did not like his dillution, again the "rush", but now when the sound financial structure seems to be in place, it is no longer a four sylinder engine, its a V8..

I agree with people's take on the IR communication. It still has massive potential for improvement, but let me say this..if I may...dear I say it..."It has improved"..

As long as I see a certain amount of improvement each year, I will stick to this investment. The main reason to be in AUN as a long term shareholder, is for the future POS and for what is coming down the road, and I think there is alot less doubt as to what side of the horizontal line that is going to go. If it is of any help, the x amount of silver that should have been coming out of Shafter (if they would have been on schedule) would be sold at these levels. Now it might be sold at a higher level, it seems. What I think will quickly outweigh the Shafter delay, as far as SP is concerned, would be some nice drilling results. I will be aboard to see these results being uncovered. 

Some constructive critisism to LR is that he should really consider a strategy of underpromising and overdeliver. It has been suggested here before, and I support it. It's just that I suspect LR would find it incredibly hard to do...

From here on out is perhaps going to be the most exciting time for this "little" silver miner.  I am waiting to see the gold numbers, increased silver numbers, a smooth running operation at Shafter above 1500tpd and a potenital shift to focus on higher concentrated areas at LR, any or all should really leave the 0.90 in the dust..

Hope that cheers you up.