Here is my take on things for whatever it is worth:

We know Shafter was not properly staffed even in September.Lenic told us in late August during the Q2CC that :

Shafter:"Bottleneck  is properly trained people.We are struggling to get qualified personnel and that is our main issue at this point in time." LR

Now we know that the Shafter mine manager,Jason Cyr, was also relieved or whatever, as Lenic hired the new mine manager and AUN VP in late December.

As Shafter was suposed to be in full 1,500 tpd operation in Q2,2012 it is obvious AUN mgmt. were WAY behind their schedule.

So,the experienced and very successful La Negra engineers and mine management team was brought in at Lenic's request to save some face and try to salvage the CP announcement in H2 2012,which they did.

It is my belief (and that is all it is ) that Lenic rewarded his men and staff with a break for saving his enchilada.

An eight day break would be Christmas Day through New Years Day.

Makes sense and it was probably the right thing to do so I support the decision given the stress AUN mgmt. placed on those men whom are managing LN drilling,resource expansion and mill infrastructure expansion.

The LN team bailed out the rest of the company to the best of their abilities.

IR and mgmt. can't tell that side of the story so I did it for you.Could be wrong,but that is my take.