50% return looked really good this time last year as well.... lots of great posts here today but the use of IF IF IF is rampant.... I am still a significant holder but am now under water.... did you know that if you purchased this stock in February or March 2011, you would be underwater today.... the balance of that year was depressed because of looming lawsuit and a PP that was not suppose to happen. So despite all the 'progress' we are no further ahead year over year from a share price perspective

BUT... If the price of silver escalates....and if Shafter can ramp up as planned...and if we can send all the bodies back to La Negra and get that production moving up and not down...and if I am just patient and grow some balls or go play in the ETF market.... then and only then will we  see the share price we should have had last year..... what is the opportunity cost of holding this stock for 2012.... !  ...and despite the 'progress' made in 2012 will 2013 really be any better....especially on the venture ecchange at 500MM+

These are the question I and so many others are asking ... so please go easy on the pouring of the kool-aid... I and others may not want to drink it with you....

I appreciate alternate views...stop dumping on them!!!