Matt, ........I know what you guys did last do it right this time, contact the compay's secretary and get it on the AGM agenda for the AGM guy could go with the share vote tally....and make your point . Get what you want to say on record.....What you say on this board doesn't matter ......If I were LR, I wouldn't  waste my time reading this board, or taking action, unless initiated by the BoD's ...... You could either contact the company secretary, get your perceived redress on the AGM Agenda, or you can go face a mirror, and voice your objections the way the company is been run what is it. Democracy means they can do what they want if they have the votes, and you can say what you want with what votes you have.... As I have said many times Venture Exchange really means Vulture Exchange have to go into these investments with your eyes wide open .....nobody is going to hold your  hand.............Richard