Now that is the right idea going forward.

Some of us long timers here do not want to see a rollback of shares for very good reasons.

A share buyback like you said (even a small amount annually) would give strength to the sp and send a positive message like it did over at the EXN board. (sorry no spamming here just stating facts)

I truly do hope this scenerio does play out in the near future especially given the huge dilution that had to be done to acquire Shafter.

Looking forward to some more good news like: tpd increase at Shafter

                                                                           tpd increase at La Negra

                                                                           drilling results at both mines

                                                                           43-101 at Shafter

                                                                           The NW trend at La Negra

                                                                           Year end results

                                                                           Q1 results

                                                                           possible TSX listing

                                                                           a possible share buyback

                                                                           the gold contamination at Shafter


All this and AUN producing 10 million ounces ag/eq by end of 2013 and trading at .94 cents.