The area around Shafter/Presidio has proven,historical gold mineralization.

If you go back a couple of years to the first Al Korelin interview with Lenic 'gold' was mentioned then so there  is no gold Shafter secret.The historic drill cores would show the mineralization.AUN has had ample time to prepare themselves,all of five,full years.

As for the filter press question I have no idea but this is what the latest presentation offers up:

Plant improvements underway including installation of additional filter presses and thickeners to support full commercial production
•The addition of a Counter Current Decantation (CCD) will support future increased capacity to 2,500 tpd

The very experienced mine manager and now Shafter GM was necessary years ago.AUN went headlong into LN explansion in every sense of the word and Lenic did not hire the appropriate staff for Shafter.

Shafter appears a full 9-12 months behind the originally promised 1,500 tpd May/June start - up (as we will not have 1,500 tpd production until Q2 or even Q3 /2013.

The best news I have heard in a long,long time is that the appropriately experienced men have finally been hired for Shafter.It looks like these appointments can assist AUN into the future in many ways so I am relieved,excited and optomistic but pretty much worn out by the delays and all the promises.

AUN lost Ron Netolitzky along with Ron and Andy Nichols.All these men directed AUN and are extemely competent and in fact,legendary in mining circles.

With the appropriately experienced mine engineer and manager finally in place at Shafter the La Negra team can soon head back to Mexico and that is extremely positive for AUN in 2013.

For me,with what appears to be the appropriately qualified  Shafter management finally in place Shafter and AUN are poised to do what we all thought they should have done,already.

Been a long year.Here is to the new Shafter mine manager and AUN VP.