Hi Matt,


This is further to your last post, specifically regarding the operational awaiting of the filter press before declaring commercial production...


Would it be possible that the mentioned “filter press” be needed because of the presence of gold “contaminants”? Moreover, and more importantly, the need for such a tool to enhance its recovery?


I am aware of filter presses being used in the recovery of gold & copper but not sure, they are typical applications in silver recovery? Maybe you or someone else could comment.


This is pure speculation on my part, however this would vindicate Aurcana’s apparent lack of transparency and deliberate silence about the chronic delays at Shafter.


Let’s face it; Aurcana should have been all over this long delay with regular updates and details regarding such an important event(s). Yet we got next to nothing? My rhetorical question begs for another one: Why did Aurcana choose not to disclose any information and remain suspiciously silent about it?  


Notwithstanding the Block III’s additional discoveries, (which came about during the construction phase of the plant and led to the reconfiguration of the initial mining process & is in part responsible for the current delay). The mine’s initial architectural and engineering designs (blueprints) and subsequent construction (all of which were triggered by the favourable feasibility study), should have called for this filter press same as it called for the crusher(s) and all the other pieces of machinery / equipment.


Yet, and despite this rather extensive lead-time (since the blueprints were prepared), Aurcana was still without this important component (filter press) in September. Unusual to say the least, as I cannot see any financial / logistical reason for such a delay?


Could the cause be that the filter press was not part of the original designs? Which were probably based strictly (and limited to), on the information obtained during the feasibility study. Which incidentally would not have included any gold “contamination”, (came as a surprise later).


I think the important discovery of gold (11% by weight during the initial pour of the first dore bars) should have triggered an immediate investigation of its origin, and quantity.


Moreover, the results of this investigation could have revealed data that led to the need for a filter press to ensure maximum recovery.


A whole lot of speculations here on my part, however and without any real anticipation, I sure hope I am at least partly right.


I look forward to hearing some long overdue operational details about Shafter...  (and the confirmation of commercial production would not go amiss either!).