Genitalia Oxide, snort, nice.   Just thinking out loud here.  One doesn't lose money, until one sells at a loss.

 On days like these, I sense a prevailing trend, and a predictable cycle.  The main board equities are going lower. The reasonl dejour, the fiscal cliff, Europe, you name it.  As long as" they"(hedge funds mostly at first)  can safely short the equity market, they will.  So why are the non- AMEX/NYSE/TSX stocks going down?  To raise cash.  One has to cover the shorts in case they get caught, or wish to create a position in equities at a low SP..  Sideways traders, juniors, development stories are vulnerable, they aren't going anywhere... 

So the shorts are reducing their non-main board equity position to raise cash.  Once they have covered, they will get back in on their original positions, perhaps even at a lower SP if the "muppets" can be duped by having their trailing stops too tight. 

For me, this is a mining stock, a hybrid development/producer with an organic growth profile.  If one is an investor, buy in the dips, add to your position and let organic growth take care of the rest.  If one is a trader, then, well do what ya do.  I do my own taxes, so I do less trading to keep it simpler for the 1099.  Gooday folks