Matt, thanks for the note about the update at Shafter.  Especially the mention about the twin ball mills.  This is great news for several reasons.  A twin set up is better than one large one.  Ball mills routinely need to have their liners replaced.  The wear out rate depends on the density of the ore.  Every year or two to replace a liner isn't unheard of.  So, with twin ball mills, they can keep one mill running while replacing a liner in the other.  The second reason for having two mills is the increased flexibility.  They can speed up, or slow down depending on the mining rate.  The mining rate, as we know, isn't a constant.  They will have times where they have many ore faces, and good thickness, and can push out more ore.  At other times, they will be mining slower, developing faces, or don't have as much bench vs top cut.  When the mining rate is slower, they can save money by shutting down a circuit if they need to.  Bottom line, is flexibility with less downtime.