I liked them too but the market is so gun shy that it won't buy anything at present and you and I can only buy so much stock !!!
The pundits have said that the market wants high grade deposits that demonstrate robust economics and if ATY hasn't demonstrated the potential to do that I don't know what has.
I can't put my finger on the problem here. Is it the market , is it Columbia , is it that management and IR are based in Columbia and aren't getting the word out ? Maybe we need more holes, maybe a bigger reserve but jiminy anything bigger is just more gravy. The economics are already so robust adding more tonnage just adds more mine life from maybe 7 years to 9 or 10 . Is that the magic number, 10 years and suddenly the stock goes to $ 2.00 ?? 
The deposit is open so adding another 500,000 tons for a total of 2,000,000 shouldn't be a big hurdle .
I know you are probably sick of my numbers but ............Even after I slash and burn every factor that goes into figuring out the retained earnings over the 7 years it will take to mine out the 1.5 million tons the Co. should have $ 330,000,000 left on the balance sheet. So even if we had a ridicuoulsy high share count of 100,000,000 we would still have $ 3.30 per share in cash at the end. $ 47,000,000 a year net !!!
Maybe the only analyst following the story has written something up , I'll see if I can find out. 
Where's Calandra ? This was one of his top 8 or something , is it no good now ?