I believe the current mill runs at " a nominal 400 TPD " so I think ramping it up to an efficient 1000 TPD should be possible, but it was just a nice round number. I guess it's really a function of improving the recovery first and then ramping up throughput to reach the optimal size depending on the size of the deposit. I'll read the presentation again..Thanks
The fact that the main deposit is still open along strike and at depth is very interesting , could add another 500,000 tons + and maybe more.
Amazing how investors ( me included ) can impute huge value to one ore grade hole that is laid out in an assay but which could prove to be absolutely meaningless and then completely ignore 20 or 30 holes that virtually prove that the play has real value. Had they released those 20 holes 2 at a time over 10 weeks the stock might be much higher. ....... well maybe. 
Anyweigh, it appears they have lots more to come and they specifically mentioned news flow in the last release, which was refreshing, so maybe we will get one of holes that everyone loves so much and the stock will start to go up. 
You would think that from a fund managers point of view this would be the stock to be buying now........wouldn't you ?