considered. I must be following at least 60 stocks on my spec portfolios and most are suffering badly, awash in red with the odd green uptick on very low volume.

Boredom or maybe margin calls on other stocks seems to be the only reason for the occasional sale of ATY. 

We don't know the width of hole 27 but it did hit MS 30 meters out and even if it just skimmed the edge of the blob holes 28 and 29 should be definitive ( A lot of Fun ) 

If Management is right about the potential size of this one zone being 1,000,000 tons and the grade holds up at 15 grams equivalent which would be $ 800 per ton and even if mining costs were an astronomical $ 400 per ton we would net $ 400 per ton meaning $ 400 Million would fall to the bottom line. So at 3500 tons per day we could mine out this one zone in a year and have $ 400 million + in cash or $ 6.50 per share in cash on the balance sheet . 

So the stock should go to a least $ 1.20.........LOL

Is it just me or is this market getting a little depressing.