I think they are telling us everything that is relevant without being overly promotional. What's the better thing to do when you only have 1 hole assayed but hit sulphides 30 meters aweigh. Maybe hole 27 isn't 119 meters and dosen't run super high grades but then it doesn't have to. We've got room galore to put another 1 Million or 1.5 million tons in this area, it's wide open in every direction but backwards .

At 119 meters in hole 26 they do not need to drill too many more holes in this zone to get to 1,000,000 tons. Maybe we need more holes for a 43-101 but no one's sitting around for that bit of paper before buying the stock on great stepouts from hole 26. 

I'm guessing that 2 drills are targeting Zeus and the third is targeting something at surface, Archie maybe or maybe it is targeting Zeus from another angle

Two drills can drill 4 holes in 20 - 30 days with assays adding another 10 days, give or take so by mid April this deal could be well on it's way to a much higher share price. 

Considering that just about everything else looks so tired ATY could become the market darling !!!!!