Charting momentum is next to impossible.  Flip a coin.  RMC.V looked like a runaway gap and broke down filling the gap to $2 where it initially broke out.  This could break down and test support at $0.80 and then utimately fill the gap at $0.70 like RMC or it could take off.  We will know by Friday if we get a breakout or breakdown.  Maybe my bottom line is a little tight... but who likes to lose precious capital? 


One thing that the SP has going for it is that at current price there is little $$$ reason to hammer it down to $0.70.  Also there seems to be enough volume/bids to support any more selling but it really does need to dry up by Friday.   Markets may be signalling a trading top as well so that might be something else to chew on...  we are in risk off mode... so there is a lot less correlation to the overall market than in a risk off environment.  But trading top could see initial selling sympathy.