Sean is a banker first.  He is also a CEO with a huge office that he runs multiple businesses out of on the backs of ATK shareholders (IMO).  If /when we get a deal it will be a recapitlization or financing of some sort.  Here are my assumptions.  He still has friends in the banking industry they will give him capital.  He does not want to Sell the company out right because He will lose his 200,000 a year salary and bonus and travel and office and misc expenses. 

A buy out is in the best interest of the shareholders IMO... probably the best we could do is 5.5-6 cents but he won't do that because then he gets nothing.... So I would expect a 10 million dollar cash infusion, followed by a 20-1 roll back a bonus for sean for his great job saving the company.  On the plus side if it gets done soon atk could get 2 or 3 wells drilled before break up.  We would have no debt and 200-250 boe.