the production has declined cause no one has thought to shoot any fluid levels at spearfish,maybe speed up a pump unit,or two,duh! probably a dam good contract operator looking after the wells,but he has more to look after than a.t.k.s stuff,some company is gonna walk away  with a steal here,and kehoe,well maybe he should have an engineer to tell him this,man,its not rocket science,big companys know whats there,but i think its a small fish(kehoe) (with no oilfield experience)in a big pond.Sure i am a pee'd off share holder,but this is rediculous,if i only had a few million,i would be buying this one,POOR MANAGEMENT is what is killing us! Maybe they should of stayed being called atikwa minerals,i should of known then! Disclaimer,this is all my personal thoughts,i have no knowledge of anything,just mad at management!