I would like to believe with this stock that there is some kind of conspiracy.  It would be nice to think some exciting news is coming or maybe a big senior wants to get involved in some way.  Unfortunately I don't believe either.    Yes I'm not too happy either to see these prices, the problem is we can go lower.  I do think,  this will be the last shake out, but I'm not sure when it will end.   IMO whats happening here is just simply a lousy market.....no special news coming, no financings, we're just caught in a down draft.  Dollar ($$) wise both ATC and KAM both traded around a $One million worth of stock (ATC $972000 ats and KAM $964000 ats) to me this strong correlation indicates some kind of fund was liquidating.  Fiat dollars are going down, gold will retain value,  ATC has a property with phenomenally huge potential, they've just hardly scratched the surface!  I'm not a pumper and not a dreamer just a believer who is patient.  I know we'll see some twerps making noise in the short term but remember ATC is fully financed and spring is just around the corner.