JDN 55, etal,

Doug Casey made the observation that  in times like these, investors should focus more on return OF capital, rather than return ON capital, and times were much better then.  That is why I think ATAC should focus on JV(s) to preserve what capital they have and reduce risk. 

No one has been more exemplary in this endevor than Mr Dalton of Altius (and I'm not pumping Altius--it needs no pumping).  In ~2001 they were selling for ~$0.30 with ~ 25  MM shares outstanding, seven projects and ~$1.5 MM cash  Today they are selling for ~$12.50 with ~25 MM shares oustanding, several JVs, a royalty portfolio, many projects looking to JV or option, and >$150 MM cash.  Mostly done with JVs or Altius' founding equity stake model.  Check it out on their site.

District wide exploration is not precluded by JVs.  In fact, JVs facilitate it by reducing risk through lifting capital requirements (money, equipment, personnel) form the JV projects. Without the help of a new model, it appears that the Rackla enchilada has the potential to consume rather than be consumed.  ATAC has raised a lot of capital when times were better, and most of it is gone.  We have a lot of information and discoveries, but raising capital is tough and The Yukon is a tough place to work. JMHO. GLTA.