One thing for sure regarding the resource estimate is that the company and other informed persons have a good idea already of what's contained in the Conrad/Osiris zones. The only information I have on a estimate done by John Kaiser in April of 2012. He was working with the known strike zone (length) of the deposit at that time of 350 m. He stated:. "Management has said that it has insufficient drill hole density to conduct a 43-101 resource estimate, but that does not matter much at this stage. A generous interpretation of the mineralized intervals as presented at ATAC's sections and assuming a 2.6 specific gravity (what ever the hell that is) implies a maximum footprint of 4-5 million tonnes with a grade range 3-4 g/t gold. At the extremes of these ranges implies a near surface resource range of 300,000 - 600,000 ounces."

You have to remember that this did not include this year's drill results - which significantly lengthed the strike to over 800 metres and which remains open. Also his 3-4 g/t gold cut-off is really high. Kam, for instance, did their 43-101 with a cut-off of 1.5 g/t. With the strike length almost triple to what he based his calculations on, you'd would think that this zone is well past 2 million ounces. Add in the Tiger zone resource of 800,000 ounces plus all the other discoveries and they can't be too far from their 5 million oz. goal. The added bonus for these deposits is that most of them are near surface and likely open pit mineable.

Kaiser also felt management could provide a resource estimate at the conclusion of the 2012 drill season. Which, of course, is now in the books.

Hope this helps.