I have to agree with you ja_prufrock and I know there are others such as jaydawg that share your concern.


This year's program has to start showing some tangible and meaningful ozs in the ground. The potential is huge and I still believe we need to invest some money in new discoveries but 80 - 90% of this year's budget must go to putting out a resource calculation and that resource is going to have to be a lot better than what they have at Tiger or the market is going to lose interest. I think they are going to need a 2MM oz resource in the Conrad et al area just to keep the folks tuned in.


It now may be time to bring in some more experienced project development personnel to bring a new perspective and discipline to this comapny if they are going to evolve to the next level. I think the other thing they'll have to do, hopefully after a succesful drill program this year, is to bring in a senior partner with deep pockets on favourable terms to existing shareholders, someone that can throw a $100MM or so at this. We could  have raised that ourselves in the 2011 run up when we traded as high as $10+ but not now.