I didn't read Kaiser as being too down on Atac in the interview. He said there is no resource estimate to work with and therefore no way of really of knowing if the current sp was fair. However, I do have his report when he recommended selling ATC (April 2012) - about the same time-frame when Rick Rule was dumping his. I know these two guru's fancy themselves as market makers and who knows if they feeding off each other to short the stock. We'll never know. However, I do feel that ATC's management hasn't done any favours to itself or to it's investors with some of their statements. I keep wondering why they would state in Nov. 2011 that they need 5 million ounces to make the deposit viable ... knowing that it would be at least another two years before they could release a preliminary resource estimate. They essentially created their own overhang on the share price. Maybe just what these two gurus were waiting to hear to pull the pin on the stock.