This isn't scientific, but I was able to get some comparisons between Ventana and ATAC regarding grades, widths and strike length. Ven was bought out for approx. 13.65 per share in 2011 by AUX and had about the same amount of outstand shares as atac.

From the time Ventana was bought out it had drilled approx. 370 holes and had a strike length of of approx. 1.35 km over 4 zones with a width of 60 - 150 m. Here's a reasonable sampling of their drill intercepts: 21 m of 11.9 g/t; 15 m of 7.8 g/t; 36 m of 13.34 g/t; 28 m of 43 g/t; 32 m of 26 g/t; 20 m of 34 g/t; 28 m of 11.5 g/t; 23 m of 8.9 g/t; 13 m of 14.89 g/t; 57 m of 8.66 g/t;

Atac has drilled a little under 200 holes in their deposit(s). The Conrad zone has a current strike length of  800 metres. I'm unsure of the width, but I believe it was mentioned to be up to 200 metres wide. Some of the selected grades from this zone; 44 m of 4.41 g/t; 40 m of 10.10 g/t; 46m of 11.2 g/t; 54 m of 4.32 g/t; 16 m of 15.7 g/t; 74 m of 3.08 g/t; 30 m of 8.6 g/t; 114 m of 3.15 g/t; 42 m of 2.48 g/t; 26 metres of 6.08 g/t; 29 metres of 4.3 g/t; 41 metres of 7.33 g/t

When Ventana was bought out it had a resources esimate of 3.5 million ounces of gold (plus silver and copper). ATC' results to date compares very favourably with Ven plus has the added bonus of several high-grade, closely located gold zones. Both deposits could be described as near-surface.