There is an estimated oversupply of uranium until the next decade . Producers produced so much Uranium that they stockpiled it . The Fukushima disaster didn't help neither . Depending on how many reactors will be built and or restarted , that over supply may even be extended .------------------------------------------------------------The market's reaction to Cameco's lockout is an overreaction and based on emotion . Now I'll quote what Cameco themselves have stated : "Cameco said Wednesday it started a “safe and orderly” shutdown of McArthur River in Saskatchewan and the nearby Key Lake mill after the United Steelworkers union said a strike will start on Aug. 30. The Canadian company said it doesn’t expect its move to affect 2014 deliveries and that it may draw on other sources of supply such as inventories."-------------------------------------------- Again there's an estimated uranium surplus until 2021 ! Japan is suppose to restart ONLY four reactors this year , 28 out of 50 by 2018 !!! The Russians stopped supplying Uranium from dismantled nuclear reactors of which removed 20 Million pounds of annual supply helping to bring it into balance . OF WHICH URANIUM PRICES STILL FELL ! This is simply a snap back(bounce) in a correction from the $28 low in June .IN MY HUBLE OPINION .10/4