Buying or selling at any stage  is a personal decision as to how each one of us assesses the situation.   I've made money getting in early , I've also lost on some stocks getting in to early and got caught in a bear trap where I had to exit again.  Then I've lost some by staying in to long trying to pick the perfect top and had it suddenly drop.   The object of the game for all is to make a few bucks.   It is not a competition between teams of Pumpers Vs Bashers.  ( Although at times most of these boards appear like it)  

 The exchanges between Dave and TechSav is one example:  ( Just an exmple)      Tech had losses on LPH investing contrary to what others were thinking.   Dave has also had losses.    He just has not publicly said where.     It really doesn't matter it was their decision their money.         They are both right from their own perspective  here on ARW.       No need for anyone to criticize another for having an opinion.  

  What is said on these boards will not change the direction nor move the share price more than 1 penny temporarily, should some Niave person buy the ask or sell the bid for 1000 shares.   

Every person should have their own strategy they are comfortable working with that is inline with their risk tolerance.     ( A market cliche: Point to a person who says they never had loses.  You'll also be pointing at a liar) 

   Nice to see the volume dropping off.  Selling pressure appears to be weakening.  Bulls seem to have moved in. Broke up through the 20 day Ma. which is positive.   

  Of course Macd has turned up, and volume Bar count held true.    For those who are not aware of bar counting.    When there is a volume bar that pushes up higher than the rest in the past month or more.  It is signal to watch for a possible change within the next 3 to 5 days.   Four is usually average.   In this case four days after the highest red bar was where the price stopped going down daily and began consolidating.     It is another way to use volume as a technical indicator.    Not always 100% accurate but nothing is.     It is a good thing to watch as Volume is the only indicator that is solely independent from the price graph.   There for it is like getting a second opinion.     To a prosperous next week   Lou.