I have been holding, buying and selling for over 4 months now. This is my second biggest position and patience do pay off. At first I was in with a few, just when I was ready to buy more I would read devpro's comments and it would make me do more DD and I would end up buying more then what I was planning on  originally.. Thanks devpro - you bring some value to this blog. Also thanks 1 condor - sorry your 30s call didnt happen for long at all, I too bough some at .395  and I was too ready with big orders,  in any case, when you are persistent about selling the real message is hold and when you go quiet you mean buy.
Also special thanks to Green for providing all those counter punches after so much bashing, a bit too exited with some comments but those keep up the spirit of a blog. Keep the info moving green!!! and last but not least special thanks to Loul - your right on the dot! Great input, I like it how you look at the big picture and not the cent or two here and there.
 I like the story and think we will be over a dollar in the next weeks/spring. Lets see where we go from here...
Go longs..