Just used your post to bounce off of.   It is all these idiots who think when a companies share price enters a negative cycle it's all over .    They can look at any chart and start with the 1 minute time frame. Then go through time frames 5m, 15m, 1hr,1day, 1week, amonth or yearly frames.  The market cycles through peaks and valleys on every one, The longer the time frame the larger the swings.  Thats how you make money.  Buy the lows, Sell and short the tops.

   I am in agreement of a pipeline west and I don't care where it goes to.  Kitimat is a good place. They have been ships in and out of that waterway since the 1050's without incident.  The only incident is the ship which ran aground in the 1940's near Bella Bella before they had modern guidance systems.   Even if they had to extend the line another 50 miles down along the channel closer to the mouth where it meets the Hecate straight.  They could put a load out dock there.

  Most of the protest comes from no minds who want to be noticed or are to lazy to work so they need something to do.  Same went for the protests over logging on Vancouver Island.  One of the logging protestors was a gut who resides a few miles from me.  He just happens to live in a Log House.

      Those who don't understand how it works or how to read a chart.  Get  Richard Demille Wyckoff's book  Naked Trading.    Buy and sell strictly from the chart no indicators no other info necessary.  He was probably the father of what is now technical trading and became very wealthy doing so and was a stock market authority.   The Wyckoff trading system is still taught and used today.    He was in the era of    Jesse Livermore, J.P. Morgan  and many other greats.  There was no computers to collect information as he was born in 1873 and died in 1934.