At present our oil is land locked.  The Keystone may be of some benefit mid term till the US becomes energy self sufficient.     It will have no where near the impact of the northern gateway line if it gets approved.    There is another line being discussed from Alberta  to an  Alaskan port.    The line has to go west in order to be competitive in shipping costs.    A line going east is great for supplying eastern Canada and western Europe.    To service Asia it is either the Panama or a trip around the world.  That will not be competitive with the US who is aiming at being a major exporter of oil and gas.  

 When you look at US explorer charts in the oil industry.  They are in the stage or have already bottomed and are beginning to move up.  ZAZA ,SOQ, EOX, PKD, TAT, HGT,  PES, WRES, And many others.  There are 60 odd oil and gas companies in my watch list.   The us is still eight to ten years from being a major exporter of oil.  They do not expect to be energy self sufficient till 2035.  Until then the Us will depend on Canadian oil.  That is plenty of time to do what it takes in order to put in necessary infrastructure in order to access the Asian  markets.   

   Any one worried about ARW's future or the oil industry as a whole because it had this pull back needs to pull their head out of the sand and do a bit of reading.     All this garbage that the sky is falling because it is going to go down a few pennies.     Just serves to show how menial your investment strategy is.    It makes you all sound like your on welfare and can't afford to buy milk for the baby.   If that is the case it is totally irresponsible to be risking your pennies in the market in the first place. 

  There is not a doubt in my mind that this is going to climb again.  As I said before they need action. It appears they are starting again.