He's been right all along without giving any kind of analysis of why he thinks ARW would be at that level. The only reason we are so low is the sector is in the toilet...juniors are hated no matter how good the company is. So Condor has been lucky more than anything. (He did not predict the whole sector would be down) Yeah people will blame management for poor stock performance but I see the same sort  of posters on the boards of every juniors I own.  As I have read before sometimes you make money no matter what you do and sometimes you lose money no matter what you do. (except for the good traders)  When the macros reverse,  things will look up for ARW as well as other juniors with cash and cash flow.

Juniors who are out of cash will probably die this year,  and there are lots of them. This will clean out the junior index and put the good companies in the spotlight..