Sorry you won't get them at 10 cents.  I and many others will  have them a way before that.   If any one does not believe it. Just put in a sell order at .40 and see how long they last.

Now that I am over my snit fit over the dilution. We face a dilutive effect of 12 million shares.    Warrants at present are really not dilution. They are potential future dilution. They can expire out of the money.    I don't think that will happen.    If exercised they add to cash reserves at a future date if the S/P is above .60  like another financing.        Should the progress of the company be flourishing at the time.     The warrants may have minor effect as the extra added cash reserve helps to monetarily balance the dilution.  By that time they usually have been for the most part already priced into the market.

 The properties never got any less in their potential value.   This financing never drove down oil prices or diminished the demand for the product. So what has changed ?  The company now has money to develop some 100% owned wells which will double the income to Aroway on each well drilled  as compared to those held in partnership.     Now they just have to get on with the job.     Yea I'll buy those shares.