They are trying to get their finances in order.  However RIM still reported a loss of .17 cents per share last Q. so still have a long way to go.  2011 to 2012 costs were up and revenue was down. 

Here is the confidence picture:

There are 315 institutional holders with more than 57% of the company & another 7% in the hands of other large accounts. Leaving approx 188 M free share float which is not very much for a company that averages around 20 million volume per day.

  42  new institutional investors have taken positions of                              12,366,757   shares

 131  have increased their holdings  by                                                       73,483,315  

 136  decreased positions by  just over                                                        84 M

  59   sold out their positions combined total of under                                  20 Million 

  Fairfax the largest holder has increased their position by 25M to over      51,854,700 million shares.

    Rim double bottomed and has made two consecutive higher highs since.Stochastics are entering oversold territory and it is at the upper side of the Bollinger band. It closed above the high of it's consolidation and appears to have eyes on the 200 day moving average $10.15 .    Volume at price says there is not a great deal of selling pressure to $12   All other indicators look great at present.

   How ever with the finances of the company in mind I would certainly have a protection stop  in place shortly after purchase.  (I don't mind small losses hate bigger ones)   If bad news breaks some of the more cautious institutions could vacate. 

 Here is how one commentator sees it.