Emotions should never be connected with your trading.  I think any properly placed stops are gone.  May be a few at 42 just below the 23.6 Fib line.   Venture could go to 1195 /1205 range. Looks like support there. 

  Picked up a few at 44/45.  Lucky the guy ahead of me never took them all.  I would have if I was there first.

  An indicator I I have constructed  and use regularly is the 21 day time series Forecast with a 5 day moving average applied to it.  It is not just a 5 day Ma. of price but applied so as it reflects the five day average of the time series indicator its self.  If your software allows you to do this just watch the line separations and crossovers for buy and sell signals. Works excellent with Medium to Large swing stocks.  Much like Stochastic or Macd but gets you in and out much earlier.  Just thought some of you traders might like to look at it.   As a point of interest, the indicator is based on Fibonacci numbers   Again stops are always prudent.