ok guys figured i'd throw in my two cents, in any case the speculation will be over in less than 10 hours


I don't believe it is a private placement they wouldn't halt for that they'd just ram it down the retail guy's throat.  I don't believe its a take out, we arent attractive enough at this juncture in my opinion, maybe once we grow a bit we will become more attractive but not yet. On that thought line after listening to the interview i think the end game will be a merger with our JV parter either taking us private or taking them public, if i was to guess it'd be the former since they got the public to finance their expansion go private avoid the reporting costs. But this won't happen for atleast another year, potentially longer.


In anycase i digress...tomorrow's news release will be an announcement of an acquisition made by aroway in some variation of stock and cash deal (i highly doubt it will be leveraged with debt, i also have a suspicion it will be an all stock move) of an ideally already producing company, im going to guess in the range of 150-350 boe/d.  The positive being the production gains will be 100% net aroway, the negative being the obvious dilution to the existing shareholders when our stock is trading far below a desired level for this type of move. I am hoping they also include an operational update regarding the drill program status, and the flow rates from the wells that have been tied in already and the announcement that they will be opening up the gas lines. 

What this will do to the price, well it depends on the particulars, dilution, production, etc. The only thing that is guarenteed is at 930EST tomorrow, the price won't be what it was halted at. Looking at limited level 2 data at 130 this afternoon the bid/ask is at .53 so that makes me want to feel positive, but i've been around long enough to know it likely means FA. 


I look forward to everyone elses thoughts, good or bad. And FWIW, i am purely speculating on what to me, is the most probable outcome.