Hi Jamal 

They will be drilling for multiple formations for production, the last well was horizontally drilled in joint venture with ConocoPhillips and was classified as confidential with high api condensate with no water witch is a very very good indicator, actually couldn't be any better . Altimas land position will allow them to drill a potential of 94 wells on low end. We are sitting on multi billion $ property, with easy cheap access to production . Altima is a sleeper . . And the deal they just cut for only 4 wells really puts the potential in perspective . And I would bet that we see a hand full of news coming down the pipeline in next few months ,one of witch being in the next week or two about Altima  spudding there own well financed from profits off whistler deal . And the spud of whistler wells with 50% earnings. The wait is over and it's time to turn this drill to the right . Got to hand it to the management at Altima , they survived when others dropped like flies , pulled through when others failed , they pulled it off And came out on top . Good job Altima and keep up the great work .