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Appalaches Resources Inc V.APP

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Appalaches Resources Inc is a junior mining exploration company. The Company is engaged in the exploration and evaluation of mining properties. Its project includes Dufferin Mine.
Price: $0.06 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 12,200 | Day High/Low: 0.06/0.06 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.125/0.055

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You are speculating on something that you don't know anything about........ You are making stories. By the way, what kind of investment strategy do you use? You are bashing this stock...and don't...read more
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A lot of sellers at 0.06.  Something is going wrong with the S/P. I suspect that a consolidation is coming because the good results can't attract new investors and former investors are loaded with...read more
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RE:RE:RE:some calculations

Full production has been achieved in a day to day basis but not on a longer term average. I am sure I read in a news release that they processed as much as 350t/day. That is 50 over their expected...read more
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RE:RE:some calculations

APP Management have stated they will provide a more detailed report on Gold mined and being sold at this time, once the information becomes available.  It has been reported in various articles about...read more
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RE:some calculations

We need to know the cash cost to produce the gold and the all in cost. In short, is the company profitable or not. I suspect that they are as I have posted in the past. I bought more stock at 6.5...read more
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RE:RE:shareholder value

When is the next resource estimate due out?  rate and reply
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some calculations

$45/gram x 6 gram/ton x 300 tons/day = $81 000/day................if you multiply by 365days/year= $29 565 000/year and if you double the production to 600 tons/day you get $59 130 000/year.....if it...read more
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RE:shareholder value

In increasing at 600 tpd  in average of 6 gt/au, how can  it produce ounces of gold per year? The mill should it be modify? And if so, how much it will cost?  At what date the mill will produce 600...read more
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Wow..what a response

I was just trying to remind the president that all the shareholders out there are here because they believe in this company, and they have put up their hard earned cash to help get this project to...read more
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shareholder value

The president and mgt are working to increase shareholder value by increasing tpd to 600. This alone will double the 50k per day to 100k or 3 million per month. That is shareholder value. And we haven...read more
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RE:RE:RE:CEO Responsibiliities

The responsability of the management is to have the mine producing and not to entertain the shareholders and always respond to their demands about what is going on on the site.  I know a few companies...read more
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RE:RE:CEO Responsibiliities

Dead right. Management has taken a flooded mine and old milling equipment which it bought for next to nothing and has brought it along to the point where gold is actually being poured and the mill is...read more
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RE:CEO Responsibiliities

you got your news now your questioning the CEO?? sell for @$# sake.Every step that APP has taken is what management has stated would happen,back off and let them do their damned jobs  rate and reply
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CEO Responsibiliities

Lets hope the CEO sticks to his responsibilites . The main one is to ensure shareholders retain and gain value in their shares.  rate and reply
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RE:Great News

finally. As it has been a while when the SP was sliding and a number of presumably short term investors got in at a bargain price, it will take a couple weeks to flush their shares out of the system...read more
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RE:News Covered at Seeking Alpha

so the message is finally getting out! The reality has always been good.   The optics have been deficient.  rate and reply
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News Covered at Seeking Alpha

This just posted at Seeking Alpha: Stunning Gold REsults from Ressources Appalache' Producing Mine  rate and reply
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RE:Great News

They had great drill results but we already know the gold is there. The BIG news was when they told us that they are averaging 245 tonnes per day. 55 short of their target 300 per day. This company is...read more
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Great News

I think once this makes the rounds to investors, the SP should get up to over .10cents. This is great news.  287g/t is unreal. Lets go Ressources Appalaches and Dufferin Mine.  rate and reply
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Great news

But we can see that the market is reacting slowly to this event everybody was waiting for. News is great, gold is there, grade is not good but very good but investors and speculators are not yet here....read more