Agreed/ 0.50 or 1.00$ is reaching [to be nice]. The stock is very diluted, and the amount raised in equity will not get them very far. Also, not a very liquid stock, so we will have to eat through a lot of paper to get to levels over and above 0.20 [remember over 167M shares available with very little volume] This company needs find debt financing. Even if they find 8.5M$, they are a long way to production. They should have reversed the stock 10:1, then raised the equity and not mention production until they have a lock on the debt. Too many shares out and so many other stories further along with a better cap table. Could be a good one to look at later if they are able to get this close to production. So many resource cash poor companies/ large funds structured for debt, bridge type financings with hefty fees that go along with it. You only have to look at the experts like Brent Cook and his returns from May until now. Why is he always bang on, because he has a stringent process when looking at these juniors. Much better to follow guys like Brent Cook, Rick Rule etc than trying to measure one junior to the next.